A collection of flora from the pacific wonderland.

Tiger Lily aka Columbia Lily (Lilium columbianum)


Iron Mountain Trail, Willamette National Forest, OR, 7/2014.

So many memories of wonderful trails laced with the tall, leggy tiger lily blooms waving with the breeze, ahh…….We in the Northwest call this flower, our only native orange lily, “Tiger Lily”, but people from other places, including Asia and California, call different species’ “Tiger Lily”.  Perhaps Columbianum are more aptly described as Columbia Lilies or Columbia Tiger Lilies to avoid confusion.

We’ve significantly augmented this post to include pictures we’ve collected of Lilium columbianum in recent years, from places as diverse as Iron Mountain in the Western Cascades, Silver Star and Hamilton Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge, Saddle Mountain near the Oregon coast, and Glacier Lake trail near Goat Rocks, WA.


Glacier Lake Trail, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Gifford Pinchot NF, WA, 6/2018.


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