A collection of flora from the pacific wonderland.

Northwestern Twayblade (Listera caurina)

DSC03171 (2).jpg

Larch Mountain, Columbia Gorge, OR, 6/2016.

Although Twayblades are not uncommon (especially for an orchid), it’s hard to find good blooming specimens.   Then again, maybe there is no such thing.  We’ve compiled some of our better shots from across the pacific northwest over the years. Once recognized, you will start to see their tell-tale twin leaves all over the forest floor in dark wooded areas . We think these are all the species caurina , but it is hard for us to distinguish the subtle differences in the tiny flowers of caurina (Northwestern) and convallarioides (Broad-leaved).


Mt Rainier National Park, 7/2015.

DSC04816 (3).jpg

Marmot Pass, Buckhorn Wilderness, WA,  7/2017.

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