A collection of flora from the pacific wonderland.

White Shooting Star (Dodecatheon dentatum)

Elowah Falls, Columbia River Gorge, OR. 5/2021.

Elated to discover multiple specimens of this unusual White Shooting Star growing out of a dripping wet cliffside in the Columbia Gorge! One of a diverse community of spring wildflowers…on the cliff face, over head, below the trail…including larkspur, chickweed, monkey flower (several types), Corydalis, and rare spots of Bronze Bells and (yet to be posted) Bolandra and Howell’s Fleabane. Elsewhere the area was still recovering from the 2017 Eagle Creek fire, with waist-high thimbleberry amidst the charred forest trees.

The species name, dentatum refers to the toothed leaves, explaining part of its common name — Toothed American Cowslip.  Along with the unique flower color, the flimsy toothed leaves distinguish it from the more common, purple, Shooting Stars (Dodecatheons).

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