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Wedgeleaf Violet (Viola cuneata)

A special two-colored violet found only in serpentine soils at the Oregon-California border, a unique botanical environment we return to again and again.

Spotted Saxifrage (Saxifraga bronchialis)

This less-common saxifrage variety can be identified by its matted, basal, rosette-shaped leaves (shared with the Tolmiei species) and its upright, red stems, but mainly by the yellow, orange and red spots on its petals. 

Small-flowered Godetia (Clarkia purpurea)

Saddle Mountain Trail, Saddle Mountain State Natural Area, OR, 6/2015.   Looking very much like its better know relative Farewell-to-spring (Clarkia amoena),

Tooth-leaved Monkeyflower (Mimulus dentatus)

We’ve been seeing a lot of these on recent hikes–both in the gorge and on the coast.

Copperbush (Elliottia pyroliflora)

We were shocked and disappointed that not one of our many wildflower guides featured this native flowering shrub.

Coneflower (Rudbeckia occidentalis)

Also called “Western Cone Flower” and “Western Chocolate Cone”.  

Tiger Lily aka Columbia Lily (Lilium columbianum)

So many memories of wonderful trails laced with the tall, leggy tiger lily blooms waving with the breeze, ahh…….