A collection of flora from the pacific wonderland.

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Martindale’s Desert Parsley (Lomatium martindalei)

Although we’ve long enjoyed the “spring gold” dusting of these flowers across rocky landscapes in the early spring,

Columbia Desert Parsley (Lomatium columbianum)

  Early spring Columbia Gorge hikers are treated to several varieties of lomatium, commonly known as desert parsley

Turkey Peas (Orogenia fusiformis)

This small and humble flower is often one of the earliest we find on hikes in the eastern gorge, and could be around now in places like the Dalles Mountain Ranch and Seven-Mile Hill west of The Dalles,

Lewis & Clark flora page

Decades before¬†the fur traders and wagon trains, the 33 members of Lewis & Clark Expedition’s Corps of Discovery found its way to the environs of the pacific northwest wonderland, mapping the region and its rich flora and fauna. ¬†