A collection of flora from the pacific wonderland.


Turkey Peas (Orogenia fusiformis)

IMG_5910 (2).jpg

Cone Peak, Willamette National Forest, OR, 6/2017.

This small and humble flower is often one of the earliest we find on hikes in the eastern gorge, and could be around now in places like the Dalles Mountain Ranch and Seven-Mile Hill west of The Dalles, (more…)

Martindale’s Desert Parsley (Lomatium martindalei)

Silver Star Mountain, WA, 5/2015.

Silver Star Mountain, WA, 5/2015.

Although we’ve long enjoyed the “spring gold” dusting of these flowers across rocky landscapes in the early spring, (more…)

Columbia Desert Parsley (Lomatium columbianum)



Lyle Cherry Orchard Trail, WA, 4/2016.

Early spring Columbia Gorge hikers are treated to several varieties of lomatium, commonly known as desert parsley (more…)

Kneeling Angelica (Angelica genuflexa)

Upper Latourell Falls, Columbia Gorge, OR, 8/2013.

Upper Latourell Falls, Columbia Gorge, OR, 8/2013.

This member of the parsley family is distinguishable from Gray’s Lovage and Cow Parsnip by its hearty stalks, saw-toothed leaves, and propensity for wetness.  This one seemed to be thriving in the misty spray of Upper Latourell Falls.

Cow Parsnip (Heracleum lanatum)

Mt. Hood W.A., OR, 7/2012.

Elizabeth Horn, in Wildflowers 1 The Cascades,  writes of the many ways Native Americans ate and used this member of the parsley family:


Gray’s Lovage (Ligusticum grayi)


Mt. Hood N.W.A., OR, 7/2012.