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Hairy Manzanita (Arctostaphylos columbiana)

Marble Mountains, CA.  6/2005.


Rock Penstemon (Penstemon rupicola)

Marble Mountain, CA, 5/2011.

This high-elevation penstemon is distinguishable from Davidson’s Penstemon by its rosy color.

Calypso aka Fairy Slipper (Calypso bulbosa)

Marble Mountains, CA. 8/2005.


Cliff Maids aka Siskiyou Lewisia (Lewisia Cotyledon)

Marble Mountains, CA. 8/2005.

Compare to Quil-leaved Lewisia.

Crimson Columbine (Aquilegia formosa)


Silver Star Mountain, Columbia Gorge, WA, 6/2014.

There’s no mistaking the unique sculptural Columbine for any other mountain flower.  It’s a good day when you find these elegant beauties gracing a trail en mass. (more…)