A collection of flora from the pacific wonderland.

Varied-leaf Collomia (Collomia heterophylla)

P6210556 (2).jpg

Glacier Lake Trail, Goat Rocks Wilderness, Gifford Pinchot NF, WA, 6/2018.

The Varied-leaf Collomia is a much smaller sibling to the previously-posted Grandiflora collomia. Although their tiny sweet pink flowers remind one of Baby stars (without the yellow center), their leaves are entirely different.  The latin and common name is apparent from the pictures, which show both toothed and smooth leaves — heterophylla translates to ‘different leaved’.  While this species is found in rocky areas at lower elevations in the western Cascades, a similar species, Narrow-leaf Collomia, is found on the east side.

In greek, Collomia translates to ‘glue’, which refers to a sticky substance that coats the seeds.

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