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Cardwell’s Penstemon (Penstemon cardwellii)

Yet another brilliantly colored Penstemon, P. cardwellii thrives in thin sandy soils, like the northwest side of Mt. St. Helen’s, where we found a stunning display. 

Scabland Penstemon (Penstemon deustus)

Amazingly….we continue to find more northwest penstemons! This one is unique in its stems of creamy white rather than the traditional purple, pink, or blue flowers

Fuzzy-tongue Penstemon (Penstemon eriantherus v. argillosus)

These fuzzy-tongue penstemon, display amazing markings to guide pollinators to their nectar. 

Gairdner’s Penstemon (Penstemon gairdneri)

We found these lovely, endemic penstemons on an impromptu hike just south of Ellensburg, WA, on our way back to Portland from Leavenworth this past spring.

Shrubby Penstemon (Penstemon fruticosus var. fruticosus)

Looking very similar to both davidsonii and rupicola (of which, only the latter is found in the gorge),

Davidson’s Penstemon (Penstemon davidsonii)

The genus name refers to the flower’s  five stamens.  There are over 200 species of penstemon in the west. 

Small-Flowered Penstemon (Penstemon procerus)
Rock Penstemon (Penstemon rupicola)

Marble Mountain, CA, 5/2011. This high-elevation penstemon is distinguishable from Davidson’s Penstemon by its rosy color.

Lewis & Clark flora page

Decades before the fur traders and wagon trains, the 33 members of Lewis & Clark Expedition’s Corps of Discovery found its way to the environs of the pacific northwest wonderland, mapping the region and its rich flora and fauna.  

Turtlehead (Nothochelone nemorosa)