A collection of flora from the pacific wonderland.


Sitka Mistmaiden (Romanzoffia sitchensis)


DSC02696 (3).jpg

Mary’s Peak, Siuslaw National Forest, 6/2016.

The common name “mistmaiden” is surely appropriate for these delightful flowers. (more…)

Great Hound’s Tongue (Cynoglossum grande)

Mitchell Point Trail, Columbia Gorge, OR, 3/2015.

Mitchell Point Trail, Columbia Gorge, OR, 3/2015.

Not sure why both the genus name and the common name refer to a dog’s tongue (the leaves?). (more…)

Small-flowered Fiddleneck (Amsinckia menziesii)


Labyrinth Trail, Columbia Gorge, WA 6/2013.

The nickname comes from the flower head’s resemblance to the curled tuning head of a violin.  The bristle-like hairs that cover this plant can irritate the skin.  The tiny black nuts that are produced by each flower are said to be poisonous to cattle.


Tall Bluebells aka Tall Lungwort (Mertensia paniculata)

Berkeley Park Meadow, Mount Rainier N.P., WA, 8/2011

Not to be confused with Campanula rotundifolia aka Harebell.   Mountain beaver are said to be particularly fond of this native plant.

Stickseed aka Wild Forget-me-not (Hackelia floribunda)

Lake Louise, Banff N.P. , Alberta, Canada 7/2011.